Gift Subscriptions

Give CG to your favorite gardener (from beginner to master; a gardener never stops learning). Choose a subscription, give us the recipient's address, we'll take care of notification and their first issue.

Special requests/instructions can be made at checkout, or in an email to Or call 203-292-0711.

How do I buy (or renew) a gift subscription?

Be sure to have the recipient's contact and complete mailing information at hand.

1. Select the type of subscription, and the GIFT option, and add it to your cart.

2. Our store and checkout is in US dollars. Our cart is secure and we do not see or record your credit card details.

3. Proceed to checkout and be sure to:

  • include the recipient's name and mailing address in the shipping fields (IF THIS IS A SURPRISE, DON'T INCLUDE RECIPIENT'S EMAIL or they'll get a notification when you complete the transaction)
  • For gifts including digital access, enter the recipient's email in the special instructions so we can get them signed up.
  • Enter your name, address and email address in the billing fields

We'll send messages pertinent to this subscription, such as a renewal notice when the time comes. 

That was easy! You will receive a confirmation of your order. If you want to purchase a gift subscription for someone else, just repeat. Thank you.